Use this site for information and setup your canon printer easily. - Canon InkJet Wireless Printer Setup is a url used for setup canon printer online, Canon IJ Setup is a tool which is used after installing the printer completely. You can say that is the online portal url for printer configuration. is a web application which is also popularly known as the Canon Printer Setup helps in connecting your device to that of your canon printer. works like the portal that can manage different printer configuration settings while doing setup of canon printer. You can also make use of the application so that status monitoring of the print operation becomes simple. This kind of option is more often used for scanning, printing, and network setup to name some. Once the whole Canon IJ Setup package installation is done, you can then go ahead and avail its functions.

This helps to modify the settings and network of the canon printer machine.

IJ.START.CANON - Canon Printer Setup

IJ.Start.Canon is an URL that needs to download the software for canon printer. Without downloading the software, the setup of the canon printer is difficult. is the best support solution for you to install, download and get rid of network errors. It is obligatory for setting up the printer from the official site that is It is also a place where all the canon printers’ needs are met with just one click. Besides, URL ij.start.cannon offers the efficient yet the time saving option which also offers

Therefore, the ul is used to download the software to connect the canon printer to wifi. 

Now redirects to to download and setup your canon printer with user manual link here

How to Set up & Install a New Canon Printer?

Connecting your canon printer to wifi can be a little tricky and difficult. But, you do not need to worry about it as in this section of our text we have mentioned and explained every single step to connect your Canon printer to wifi in a very easy way. You may have come across so many different printers’ brands that are trending in the market but anytime, cannon has always been the first choice of many users. It is one popular high quality printing solution which first needs to be set up rightly. There is a proper way of doing it and that is why given steps can be helpful for better understanding. Remember the set-up process shall take at least 20 minutes and the process stated below is best suitable for all types of canon printers. You just need to follow every single step mentioned below very carefully and step by step. 

Let’s dive into the topic how to download and install canon printer setup using IJ.Start.Canon.

  1. Firstly unpack your canon printer.
  2. Thereafter you need to visit the website and download the software and driver.
  3. Therefore, visit IJ.START.CANON or & find and select your model number and click on the “next” option. 
  4. Thereafter, an interface appears having an option of “download” under the setup page, click on the “download” option. Let the software install which will take few minutes. 
  5. Next, click on the “start set up” option and wait. 
  6. Further, select your country of origin and click on the next option. 
  7. Click Agree on the canon printer setup license agreement.
  8. Click on the agreement on the option for the extended survey program, let it process.
  9. Further, click on next and choose the wireless connection option and again click on the next option. 
  10. Again click on the next option under the check power and make sure your printer should be turned on. 

Further steps we will follow to connect the canon printer to your wi-fi connection. First you need to prepare the printer. This means, get your printer out from packaging and see to it that there is no material stuck within the printer. Once all the packaging is removed then insert the connector in the socket so that printer would get the power it is time to add the cartridges and select the language. Also see to it the sheets of paper are put in the input tray properly. It is now time to do the scanner alignment. You firstly have to understand the grids which means the printer shall know on which side their pin needs to be given. For grid setting, you can do it from the settings section. Time for installation. This means, you must install the software so that your printer connects to your computer and computer shall take the whole control further. You can find the product details on the manual book shared or you can go to the cannon support page for the same. While installing the software, select the right option system on which you wish to install the printer in the driver section. Use the software. This means you need to open the file and make a choice on whether you want to connect your printer either through Wi-fi or through Cable for Canon Printer Setup.

Therefore, to get information on how you can connect your printer to a wi-fi connection, read the next section of our text completely. 

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi?

To connect the canon printer to your wireless wi-fi, firstly you will have to setup canon printer through Follow the above-mentioned steps in the above section of our text to set up your canon printer and download the software and driver. Further after that, you need to follow url instructions or below-mentioned steps to connect the canon printer to the wireless printer. Things to be done before starting the process-

  • Make sure that your canon printer should be turned on.
  • Make sure that wi-fi should be turned on.
  • Make sure your canon printer should be initially connected to the computer via USB. 
  • You first must download and install the canon printer application through Setup Utilities tools.
  • Moving further, run and then run on your printer and connect it using USB.
  • Choose the USV connection and follow the connection process that appears on the screen.
  • It is now time to change the connection naming to IPv4. Out the printer password that is nothing but the printer serial number
  • Choose the wi-fi network and enter its credentials like ID and password to finish the connection process.
  • Now your setup with the wi-fi is finished.
  • Don’t forget to remove the cable or USB and then also add the device to the control panel; so that your printer is ready to be used whenever needed.

Now, you proceed after making sure of all the points mentioned above. 

You simply must follow the set of steps shared below. The step of connecting canon printer to wi-fi is quite easy besides, you will be able to avail other benefits of printing anytime from anywhere through your device. Once the file gets saved in the device, all it needs is the printing command be given and get your print in hand.

  1. Turn on your canon printer and click on the “next” option to check power on your laptop. Wait for the laptop to detect your printer.
  2. On the appearing interface, click on the “update” option also click check the “setting prefer could not be a fraud on the list” and click on “next”. And let it process.
  3. Click next for printer setup.
  4. Again click next for connection via cable-less setup.
  5. Now ON the printer “press and hold on your wi-fi bottom” until your power button starts flashing light.
  6. Thereafter, press on the canon printer color button once and then press on the wi-fi button again.
  7. Now again click n next on your computer screen. You will see the wifi button is blinking fast and twice. 
  8. Let it process and now finally click on the next. Let your computer install the software through IJ.START.CANON.
  9. Click on next again for the test printer to finish 

How to Connect a Canon Wireless Printer to MAC?

Before starting the canon printer setup process, make sure your printer and computer should be turned on. Make sure your wifi should be turned on. This process is simpler too. You first must:

  1. Select the preference of the system and the go in the scanner and printer section for Canon Printer Setup
  2. You can then go in the select section. You can see + sign that you must click on so that your printer gets added.
  3. From the list that is available to you, choose the printer that you want to add.
  4. In case it is the router then place the MAC connection and printer at the same network.

The Canon Printer Setup MAC is done and in order to chick the work, you can run the test print.

  • If your printer’s power button is flashing continuously, press the stop button.
  • Now, press and hold the direct button, until the power button starts to flash.
  • Further you need to install the software via
  • Fill in your model number and download the software. 
  • Open the downloaded file to get started to start the installation.
  • Click next and enter your user name and password and then click on the install. 
  • Click on the start canon printer setup option, select your country and agree to the license agreement. 
  • Click on the next for wireless connection setup, and the screen will show wifi options. 
  • Select your wifi and enter its password and click on the next option. 
  • Click next for the complete setup option and add the printer option and select your printer & click “Add”.
  • Click next for the “test printer” and setup complete.
  • Select the software you want to install and click “next”.
  • Click next and register your product. 
  • Click “exit” under the installation complete successfully. 

Done, your canon printer is now connected to your mac in just simple steps. 

Canon InkJet Printers Setup - IJ Start Canon

Canon printers are the best choice to have as a printer in your office space. The best feature about Canon printers is that they are very compact and very easy to use. You may have come across so many different printers’ brand that are trending in the market but anytime, cannon has always been the first choice of many users. It is one popular high quality printing solution which first needs to be set up rightly. There is a proper way of doing it and that is why given steps can be helpful for better understanding. Remember the set-up process shall take at least 20 minutes and the process stated below is best suitable for all types of cannon printers. The growing world has created a huge demand for online products and gadgets. As the demand for online work increases simultaneously demand computers, laptops, and printers also increase. In the market, there is a huge collection of various printers out of which the canon printers are the most reliable and trustable printers.

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IJ.Start.Canon InkJet Single Function Printer Setup

IJ.Start.Canon InkJet Multifunction Printer Setup

IJ.Start.Canon All MegaTank InkJet Printers Setup